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If Temps That Actually Show Up, Are Actually Qualified For The Job, And Actually Like What They're Doing Sounds Good To You...
Then Read This Page

If your company uses temporary workers for clerical, technical, or light industrial jobs . . . but has been frustrated with workers because they don't show up, or aren't qualified for the job, then reading this may be very timely. We've created a staffing agency that eliminates all the normal frustrations and headaches you are forced to endure when hiring temps.

Our Pro-Active Assured Attendance Program Means That Your Temps Show Up 90.3% Of The Time.

The most recent survey by the American Staffing Association found that the industry average default rate is 42% - - almost half of the time, your temp will not show up.  We've put systems in place to lower the default rate to just over 9% - - you'll be lucky to get your full-time employees to show up that often. We accomplish this by aggressively following up with the workers, so you don't have to.

We've got Staffing Coordinators that call all workers no more than 15 hours prior to the starting time of the first day on the job. As a matter of fact, we'll often call the workers at their home as late as 5:00 PM to get a verbal confirmation that they'll show up. You'll appreciate this program, especially if you ever book temps 2 or more days in advance.  Additionally, we phone each temp after the 2nd day on the job to get a personal progress report.

Our Performance Reviews And Immediate Rewards Means Our Happy Employees May Work Harder Than Yours Do.

We do a performance review on all of our employees.  We are very proud of our name and what it represents.  That is why all our employees are specially chosen to work under our name.  If we find that they aren't meeting our standard of hard work, they will not work for us again.  If we find that they are meeting it, we put a special coupon in their next pay check envelope. We make sure to follow up on all our employees and we make even more sure that you're satisfied with their work.

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