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Who Else Wants More Than Just
A Pennsylvania Criminal Background Check Performed On The Temps Their Staffing Agency Uses?
(Yeah, We Thought You Might)

Most placement agencies only do a criminal background test for Pennsylvania. In fact, ask your staffing agency what they do, because we checked around and nobody in our category does anything more.This means if the applicant just murdered someone in another state and moved to PA, our competitors would never know.
Here's what Procure does:
50 State Criminal Search - Procure Personnel does an FCRA compliant full background scan from all 50 states. If an applicant has ever had a run-in with the law, regardless of the state, we should know.

National Criminal Database Report - Our service accesses over 33 billion records from over 9000 sources. This report searches criminal conviction, arrest, sexual offender registry, and Department of Corrections records from across the United States. It provides information to any matches to our applicant that are found.  It contains:

    • Source / Type of Record (e.g., state court/Dpt of Corrections, county court, etc...)
    • Offense Description
    • Various dates (e.g., offense, conviction, prison admission & release)
    • Additional Identifying Information (e.g., height, weight, race, hair, and eye color)
    • Case reference codes for further research
    • Over 1 million photos from Dpt of Corrections records and Sexual Offender Registries

Applicant Verification Report - Using the name, address, date of birth, and social security number supplied by our applicant, this report helps us verify the accuracy of the information and identify potential fraud. It contains:

    • Applicant In-put Information (name, address, date of birth, SSN)
    • Tells which data can be verified
    • Tells which data cannot be verified
    • SSN Trace & Verification is achieved through a search of more than 190 million consumer records contained in the credit bureau files / credit header information. It provides instant validation that a Social Security Number is valid in a given state and time frame.

It Warns If A Social Security Number:
May never have been issued
May have been issued to a person who has been reported deceased
Is currently being used by other individuals (lists up to four names using the number)
Has been issued so recently that the number may belong to a child

In addition, the report discloses any addresses associated with the Social Security Number for credit application purposes. Procure Personnel is able to utilize this information to determine if the applicant has truthfully supplied all relevant residential address history on the employment application. Addresses revealed by the Social Security Number verification, but not supplied by an applicant, may be used to expand a criminal record search. These undisclosed addresses may lead to a criminal conviction record the applicant has attempted to shield from us - - and therefore from you.


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