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Procure Personnel
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Matched To The Job
We Match Your Requirements To Our Employees
Using Our Custom Computerized Job Skills Cross Referencing System

We can match any position that you need and fill it with the exact person that can make you money.  We've programmed a custom job skills referencing system that matches your needs with the skills of our employee.

Part of each of our client employer's service request is a listing of the job skills they are looking for.  Part of each of our associate's application process is a listing of their job skills and experience.

This procedure is fast and accurate.  We thoroughly screen and also test our employees for every skill that you think could be needed and used.  The more detailed of a description of the worker and position you are looking for, the better we can match our employee to you.

 Invest Money On A Sure Deal
Hire A Person With Experience, Custom To Your Project.

When you use a Procure Personnel Associate you will always win.  In our economy it is becoming a smarter deal to use a Temp Associate.  They work from project to project and they have set skill levels you can't get out of a fresh college graduate.  You don't take on the liability usually included with your own employees.  We have our own insurance for our employees and we take care of their billing and vacation time as well.  The only thing you have to do is to sign a time card once in a while.  We take over the hassle of the employee and you take the benefits.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with any aspect of your Procure Personnel Associate, we will send a replacement Associate over within 4 hours.  We make sure that there is no "out time" when it comes to your business.


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