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7 Ways Procure Personnel Eliminates
Temporary Worker Headaches ... Forever

1. Assured Attendance & Performance Reviews
If temps not showing up for the job frustrates you, we've fixed that problem. The most recent survey by the American Staffing Association found that the industry average default rate is 42% - - almost half of the time, your temp will not show up.  We've put systems in place to lower the default rate to just over 9% - - you'll be lucky to get your full-time employees to show up that often. We accomplish this by aggressively following up with the workers, so you don't have to.

2. Over 800 APA & EEOC Validated Job Skills Assessments
Ever had a staffing agency send UNQUALIFIED temps for a job?  It's maddening.  At  Procure, we will do a skills assessment based on your requirements.  Sometimes this requires  a battery of 3 - 4 tests for the same applicant in different job skills; office, software, aptitude, and attitude profiles, etc...  No problem. We can instantaneously test at our on-line site for over 800 skills and personality-attitude assessments  and get validated assessments back immediately.

3. Computerized Matching To Job
We will then put them in our computer profiling system and they will be rated upon all the screening steps before and will receive a score on skills, background, time availability, people skills, etc.  Through our proprietary programming, this very fast cross referencing makes it easy to match up the situation you are looking for with the people that we have.

4. 50-State Criminal Background Check
This FCRA compliant process is Standard Operating Procedure for Procure.  Your company's employees and property are critical to our employees too.  Without you, we don't exist.  So Procure makes sure we go way beyond other temp agencies who settle for a simple State of Pennsylvania criminal records check.

5. 5 to 10 Panel Drug Screening
Again, going beyond the competition in our Standard Operating Procedures, we routinely screen for drugs of abuse at Best Practices levels per your job requirement.  You'll never get a drug addict or abuser from Procure Personnel. And we conduct monthly random testing.

6. Scrutinizing Application Verification & Interview Process
Last Year, 80% Of People "Fudged" On Their Resumes & Applications.  Why Not Hire Someone Not Just "Screened" But Screened Through A Comprehensive, FCRA Compliant Process? 
Our trained and experienced screeners go through the application. They look for any holes or where we think that person could be "Fudging." 

7. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you are unsatisfied with any aspect of your Procure Personnel Associate, we will send a replacement Associate over within 4 hours.  We make sure that there is no "out time" when it comes to your business.

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Request for Service
"I needed help, someone who could enter immediately into our accounting system. I had to know that the person the temp agency sent over would be trustworthy . . . I called Procure.  Problem solved.  They sent me Janet.  She was perfect - so perfect, in fact, I hired her full time."
"We had 8 people call off with a stomach virus on our production line.  I had 4 hours to get those lines back up.  Procure got right on it.  In 3 and a half hours I had a full crew and the lines were producing at 100%."

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