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Our Scrutinizing Application & Interviewing Process

Makes Sure Not 1  Slacker
Gets Through The Cracks.

An Internet Survey poll found that out of 200,000 resumes, about 80% were misleading or contained flat out lies.  This can be very difficult for you to deal with.  You're looking for people to hire hoping they'll be safe, trustworthy, and work hard, especially with your personal hiring reputation and your company's name at stake.

Unlike the resumes you get, when a person applies to become an employee of Procure Personnel, their application becomes a legal document,  and since your liability is partnered to ours, we thoroughly go through all of our applications.

Application Verification -  Believe me, after a few thousand applications you can see potential problems from a mile away. We call every reference, check all past residencies, and call all past employers. It is time consuming, but it allows us to catch a good majority of the problems up front.

Initial Interview - If we find the application to be sound and secure, we invite the prospective associate to have an interview with one of our hiring specialists to further determine eligibility.  We are filtering for personality and people skills.  For positions that require high contact with the public, and after drug screening, we have validated personality and attitude assessments instantaneously available through our secure on-line provider.

Drug Screening, Skills Assessments, Background Checks -  If they have passed our initial interview, our drug screening, and our Internal Review Board approves them as a prospective employee of ours, we will ask them to continue the selection process.  They are multi-panel drug tested, skills assessed, and backgrounds thoroughly reviewed; all APA, EEOC, FCRA, and FDA compliant.

Decision - We then will make one of 3 decisions.  We will hire them as a Procure Personnel Associate.  We will hold them as a Procure Personnel Candidate.  We will choose not to hire a person.

You are protected from criminals & drug abusers.

Your job skills requirements are precision matched.

Your employees, workplace, and products are protected.

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