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We've Got Stringent Tests That Make Sure Every Worker Is Qualified ...
Even Light Industrial Workers Must Pass With Flying Colors Before Getting An Assignment.

Another frustration many people have with temps is that they're NOT QUALIFIED for the job. Often, this is the result of no testing procedures, or grossly inadequate testing procedures. Many agencies will take the word of the employee about past experience or skill levels. And when testing is conducted, the tests usually don't really detect the true skill level of the employee.

How We Test Skills
The Critical Difference In Your Hiring Decisions

When one of our qualified professionals shows up to work at your company, you can be sure they have the right skills for the job.  That's because we use Kenexa's Prove It Validated and EEOC skills assessments to ensure that the people we send you meet your exact needs.

  • With Prove It's state-of-the-art software simulations, test takers perform tasks as though they were using the actual software program. This is the best way to ensure they know the exact versions of the software you use every day.

  • We use Prove It to test all relevant job skills, from typing and data entry, to Microsoft Office software skills, to knowledge of specific industries such as call center, accounting and even nursing.

  • Prove It's advanced reporting capabilities provide a detailed report of each candidate's knowledge and skills, so you can easily assess their ability to meet your needs.

  • Prove It's assessments are valid and follow APA and EEOC guidelines, ensuring the hightest standards in hiring.

Invest Money On A Sure Deal
Hire A Person With Experience, Custom To Your Project.

 We access over 800 validated assessments of Skills / Personality / Attitude. Each assessment is EEOC compliant.  We get 20 new assessments per quarter.  And if we don't have an assessment for a position you want, we can have an EEOC assessment made for it.  Just ask.  And we've thrown in a huge SKILLS  BONUS for our clients.

All clerical workers will be tested in the area of expertise that you require for the job.  Even industrial workers, like welders, warehouse workers, and forklift operators must pass a 25-minute written exam.  Certifications are required in skills that have certifications available.

Yes, our staffing agency is different.  All of our employees have work-place experience.  Every employee we send out has passed a screening process we tweaked and refined to be so scrutinizing that it exceeds our industry's Best Practices standards.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with any aspect of your Procure Personnel Associate, we will send a replacement Employee over within 4 hours.  We make sure that there is no "out time" when it comes to your business.


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